New Clients: What to Expect

1) Signing up or reaching out

The first step to becoming a client is to reach out so that we can set up an initial appointment. To do this, you can sign up for an account at or reach out to me via email at Once I hear from you, I will gather a bit of information about what you'd like to work on and then proceed with booking a first appointment. 

Before the first appointment, you'll be sent a few short forms to review and fill out. These forms will explain what the counselling and consultation process will look like and the limits of confidentiality. 

2) First Session

The goal of our first session together will be to get to know one another. In my experience, it's important for us to start with a good understanding of each other before setting out on any kind of work. I'll work to understand who you are and what's important to you so that we're able to begin to map out a direction for our work. It's a time where we will each ask questions to make sure that we're comfortable with each other before we  decide whether or not to continue our work. If you're concerned about our fit at any time, you are welcome to bring that up and if I can't make the necessary adjustments, I'd be happy to facilitate a referral to another provider. 

The most important thing in this process is for you to find someone who you feel will be helpful to you in your process. 

3) Subsequent Sessions

For all sessions after the first, we'll come to an agreement on how often we'll meet. If things are difficult or we need to do some intense work, we may agree to meet weekly for a little but as things improve, we will begin to space out our sessions together. How long this takes will depend on the progress we make together and our experiences working together. Regardless, we will work together to come to an agreement.