Fees and Insurance


My current fees are:

I am able to currently offer services in-person and virtually. Please contact me for further details.  

Insurance and Extended Health Benefits

My services are covered under any Extended Health Benefits plan which pays for the services of a Registered Social Worker. I can provide either printed or electronic receipts. I am also able to directly bill a limited number of health insurance companies and am an affiliate provider with a number of EAPs. Please contact me for further details.

For those enrolled in the following programs, I can provide counselling at either reduced cost or no cost (depending on the program):

Tax Deductions

I am Registered Clinical Social Worker (#14180) with the BC College of Social Workers, because of this my counselling services are tax-exempt which means that there are no taxes to pay for these services. They can also be deducted from your income when you report your taxes.

As per the British Columbia College of Social Workers

"We have been advised by the Canadian Association of Social Workers, that registered social workers and registered clinical social workers are now recognized as ‘medical practitioners’ under the Income Tax Act.

This means that clinical services provided by RSWs and RCSWs can be claimed on clients’ income tax returns. In accordance with the Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC), the Government of Canada will reimburse recipients of clinical services at the prescribed rate.

In addition to being recognized as an authorized medical practitioner under METC, RSWs and RCSWs ensure that the public receives services from qualified, ethical professionals in the field."

For further information about the METC, please visit the CRA's website.
A list of authorized medical practitioners by province or territory can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency Chart.

For more information and to view the CASW press release, click here.